Local Attractions

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The San Marcos Convention and Visitors Bureau is one of our Prietella-level co-sponsors, so we hope you get a chance to visit some of our local attractions.   A great place to start planning your visit is with the San Marcos virtual brochure table (Click here).

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Local Attractions

  • Wonder World Cave and Park

    • Wonder Cave is a developed tectonic cave, and the surrounding surface area has an “Adventure Park”

  • Outlet Mall
    • San Marcos is home to a San Marcos Premium Outlets mall.  There are 145 luxury and name brand stores located along I-35 interstate highway and only 10 minutes from the San Marcos Activity Center.

  • Sunset Bowling Lanes

  • Movie theaters

  • Skate Park

    • The City of San Marcos has a skate park near the Activity Center.

  • Disc Golf Courses
  • Public Library
    • The city library is next door to the Activity Center.
  • Restaurants
    • The City of San Marcos has a pretty comprehensive list on their website here, if Google fails you.
  • Kayaking and Tubing
    • The clear spring-fed rivers are a popular attraction.  A map of access points within city limits is available on the City website here.  A quick Google search will point you to numerous rental facilities, outfitters, and classes.

  • Parks and Trails
    • The City of San Marcos has many miles of trails and over a 1000 acres of park space. Many of the green spaces contain karst features and scenic trails. Trails can be found all around town and along the river.