Field Trips

On Wednesday, all registrants have an opportunity to participate in one of our fabulous field trip options, to experience our local karst and some of the management issues that we face. The cost of these field trips is built in to your registration. However, trip selection must be made at the time of registration, and indicated on your registration form. A brief overview of each trip is provided below, including clothing recommendations. For more details, we suggest that you contact the individual trip leaders in advance.

Trip 1
Cave Restorations on the Urban Frontier
Trip Leader: Drew Thompson
30 person limit

Trip 2
From Recharge to Rivers: Groundwater Fauna Sampling across Flowpaths
Trip Leader: Ben Hutchins
20 person limit

Trip 3
South Austin Wild Cave Tour: Management to Protect Cave Ecosystems
Trip Leaders: Rich Zarria and Mark Sanders
20 person limit

Trip 4
Finding Caves in North Hays County: Recognition of Caves in an Environment of Widespread Filling
Trip Leader: Nico Hauwert
30 person limit

Trip 5
A Cross Section of Cave and Karst Management: Show Caves, Preserves, and Private Property
Trip Leader: Dr. George Veni
29 person limit