2021 Symposium Sponsors (so far…)

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Balcones Canyonlands Preserve
This year, the NCKMS is proudly hosted by the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve. The BCP was created in 1996 to protect habitat for eight endangered species: two migratory songbirds called the golden-cheeked warbler and black-capped vireo, and six karst invertebrates found in caves. The black-capped vireo was removed from the federal List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife in May 2018. The BCP continues to provide habitat for this rare bird as well as the seven still-endangered species and 27 species of concern found on the preserve. The BCP was created to make up for other habitat that was lost, so it can never be developed. It will continue to be managed as preserve in perpetuity.


National Speleological Society
American Cave Conservation Association
Cave Research Foundation
National Park Service
Bureau of Land Management
US Forest Service

The Nature Conservancy
US Geological Survey
National Cave and Karst Research Institute
National Caves Association
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Karst Waters Institute
The organizations that participate on the NCKMS Steering Committee officially are known as Sponsors. They ensure that we have a Symposium every other year, and that the Proceedings of each get published. They receive recognition in the Program and Proceedings, and basic space in the Exhibit Hall.


The Prietella Team – Mexican Blindcat ($1000+)

 The Eurycea Team – Texas Blind Salamander ($500-$999)

Raba Kistner, Inc.
Bexar Grotto
Underground Texas Grotto
Hydro-Geo WorkshopCave Without a NameTexas Speleological Association
AquaBrew BreweryDiscovery Realty GroupMissouri Caves and Karst Conservancy
Northeastern Cave Conservancy

The Texella Team – Bone Cave Harvestman ($250-$499)

Southeastern Cave Conservancy
San Marcos River Foundation
Cave Conservancy Foundation
Cox-McLain Environmental Consulting
Smith Robertson, LLPHays Environmental Consulting

Hill Country ConservancyDallas-Fort Worth Grottoaci consulting
Archeological AssessmentsGreater Edwards Aquifer AllianceSinking Creek Pottery


Cibolo Center for Conservation

Co-sponsorship is offered to the other agencies and interest groups involved with the Organizing Committee, and is sought from organizations, businesses, agencies, and professional organizations. Co-sponsorship provides the hosts with funding to supplement registration fees as well as the loan or donation of necessary equipment and services.